Are These Yoga Trends Here To Stay?

In a world full of junks and majority of the population are becoming overweight or obese, getting fit is not an easy thing to do or maintain. Eating right and living healthy are considered as novelties right now when almost everyone prefers to eat in fast-food and consume bags of chips along with bottles or cans of soda endlessly. Those who realize that they have a big problem in their midst make a conscious effort to take care of their body and live healthily despite the abundance of temptations in their surroundings.

There is more to yoga than meets the eye. You can do yoga by yourself or in groups and still enjoy the same benefits. However, like everything else, there are trends that pop up now and then that may or may not always last long. Among the most recent yoga trends involve drinking wine. It sounds too good to be true, right? But yes, it is a thing now in places like Italy, California, Hawaii, and Mexico. If you aren’t a fan of yoga, the thought of drinking wine may motivate you to start stretching those aching muscles and do your body some good after all the abuse it has to bear day in and day out.

Sixty minutes of yoga can be restorative, sure, but the practice of yoga itself can also be solitary, says Morgan Perry, founder of Yoga Unwined in New York City, who also has an advanced certificate through the Wine & Spirit Education Trust. Throughout her Vinyasa-style classes, she sprinkles in wine facts and ends with a meditative tasting. It’s a good plan: A tasting at the tail end of yoga class provides a built-in happy hour with people you already know you have a lot in common with, and these connections give you more than just a solid squad—research has proven tight social ties keep blood pressure and BMI in check, and even increase longevity.

You’ll get double the zen.

It’s no surprise that wine gives you that breezy, free feeling after a long week. This calming sensation is, in part, attributed to the lower alcohol content in wine compared to hard alcohol, says Victoria James, a sommelier and the author of Drink Pink: A Celebration of Rosé. “The alcohol content in wine is 12 to 14 percent on average, versus 30 to 40 percent for tequila. This allows your body to slowly relax and adjust to the alcohol levels at a better pace,” she explains. With a meditative focus on breath and movement, yoga also helps us release tension, decreasing levels of the stress hormone cortisol, studies have shown. Read: A double whammy of calm.


Yoga and wine are good for us even when done or taken separately as long as the latter is consumed in moderation. Also, wine is best tasted when you are focused in doing only one thing which is why it tastes so much better when you drink it during yoga sessions. Moreover, a vineyard setting is the perfect place to get lost and get into the yoga zen you so desperately want (need) and that glass of wine can help you burn fats faster than just doing yoga alone. So, try yoga instead if you need to lose weight if you aren’t such a fan of more rigorous exercise routines.

The strangest fitness trends are emerging. One of those strange fitness trends is called beer yoga, according to GQ Magazine. As seen in the below video, “beer yoga” features people sucking down sips of beer in the middle of performing yoga poses. Whereas some classes feature yoga participants drinking beer after the classes, other “beer yoga” classes show the yoga participants incorporating the beer bottles into their yoga poses.

According to Vice, beer yoga started out at Burning Man, and now it has caught on in Australia, Southeast Asia, and perhaps soon in the U.S. However, folks are warning about the dangers of holding glass beer bottles in your hand whilst trying to perform the tree pose in yoga classes. A slip or fall could result in injuries that likely wouldn’t have happened if the yoga participant didn’t have a glass beer bottle in their hands at the time.

The beer yoga trend joins the goat yoga fitness trend. As reported by WTOP, goat yoga began to trend about a year or more ago as the social media trend of performing yoga poses near goats took off.

Goat yoga, according to, involves yoga adherents visiting farms or other places with goats roaming nearby. 


You’ll be surprised at how creative some people who start these trends are. But more than that, these people are actually just concerned about their well-being that they are willing to try just about anything no matter how absurd they may seem at first. Yoga, in particular, may not look that beneficial but it actually is. Assuming and holding certain poses does wonder to the body and provide immediate relief to tired and aching muscles that many people miss out on but oh so desperately needs.