Marijuana Breakthrough In Pennsylvania

Marijuana has always been a sensitive issue in society. Even back to the hippie days, those who are pro-marijuana struggled in making others listen why weed is unlike other illegal drugs that are risky and dangerous to one’s health. Well, there is probably a reason why the authorities were doubtful of marijuana’s beneficial health effects especially if they can see hippies getting high and doing all sorts of crazy things because the weed made them do that. It’s because the weeds grown in the past were high on THC, the cannabinoid that gives you a natural high and is probably responsible for giving weed the stigma of it being a dangerous substance people should not mess around with.

However, there have been a lot of newer developments over the years. Weed growers are no longer just breeding THC-rich marijuana plants but ones rich in other cannabinoids as well such as CBD. By now, we all know that CBD is the important component of medical marijuana as it offers a lot of medicinal benefits minus the negative aspects of traditional marijuana that is related to getting high and addicted.

This development in the marijuana industry has prompted government officials and medical experts to give marijuana the time of day leading to where it is now – to be even prescribed by doctors in the treatment of various medical conditions because it has proven that it’s not a useless plant after all.

Pennsylvanians moved a giant step closer Wednesday to being able to get marijuana to help treat medical conditions, as the state announced the launch of its patient and caregiver registry.

The Health Department said a pilot program was successful, leading the agency to start taking applications from people to participate in the system through a new dedicated website.

Patients are expected to be able to obtain the medication by May 1, the current target date by which the department has said it will announce its availability statewide.


Numerous US states have already given the go signal to the legalization of marijuana use either as a recreation or in conjunction with medical treatments. There are studies supporting how marijuana works in the body and what positive health benefits a person can get from its use not to mention the countless testimonials of marijuana users who have benefited from it and relieved them of the various pains, aches, and ailments they have.

Under the new regulations, cannabis from imported plants can be used to make prescription drugs at Polish pharmacies. This kind of medicine will, however, have to be first registered with the Office for Registration of Medicinal Products.

The Polish Pharmaceutical Chamber said that pharmacists are ready to make cannabis-based prescription drugs. They will also have access to special courses if they require further training.

“Given the fact that there are nearly 15,000 pharmacies in Poland, an overwhelming majority is authorised to make prescription drugs – that’s around 90 percent,” said a spokesperson for the Polish Pharmaceutical Chamber.


Not only in America, other nearby countries and nations as far as Poland have adopted a more positive approach towards marijuana use especially when it is indicated for medical use. Medical cannabis, as well all know, has little to almost non-existent amounts of THC in it and mostly only has CBD, which is the good cannabinoid. In the absence of THC and an abundance of CBD, marijuana becomes a friend and no longer a foe. They’re even considering adding cannabis as a prescription medicine for a number of chronic and debilitating health conditions. Marijuana has definitely gone a long way and it is not globally recognized as a partner for health and not just a pick-me-upper for those who want nothing but to get high and get lost in the moment even for just a while.