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Is The US Sabotaging The Environment?

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Most of us can’t get enough of all the perks offered by our modern life. Boredom is virtually nonexistent as there are a number of things you can do on your own that will definitely put a smile on your face. You don’t even have to go far since you can do all those things in the palm of your hand. Yes, smart technology transformed ordinary cellular phones into handy multi-functional devices that can connect us to the web and do all sorts of crazy things we never thought were possible a little over a decade back. It’s been 10 years now since the first iPhone was released and I’m sure many of you can no longer remember what it was like living in a low-tech world. The US is almost always at the frontier of tech innovations as most of these tech wonders were born in American soil.

Now, fast-forward to 2017 and a new president, America seems to be going backward in terms of the measures it takes to protect the environment. It is most crucial now more than ever with global warming and climate change making living and simply surviving difficult for many of us. These are just some of the downsides of our modern life and if we can’t give up all the comforts of modern living, then we should at least double our efforts in reducing its dangers to the environment before it is too late for us to do damage control at all. Aside from signing out of the Paris climate agreement, the current US administration continues on dismantling federal environmental regulations that supposedly should protect the planet from the amount of stress and abuse it is receiving from us.

The Trump administration’s dismantling of environmental regulations has intensified a growing civil rights battle over the deadly burden of pollution on minorities and low-income people.

Black, Latino, and disadvantaged people have long been disproportionately afflicted by toxins from industrial plants, cars, hazardous housing conditions and other sources.

But political leaders, academics and activists spoke of a growing urgency around the struggle for environmental justice as the Trump administration peels away rules designed to protect clean air and water.

“What we are seeing is the institutionalization of discrimination again, the thing we’ve fought for 40 years,” said Robert Bullard, an academic widely considered the father of the environmental justice movement.


Many citizens have expressed outrage over the blatant neglect of the environment these days. It’s because President Trump thinks climate change is a hoax and is perhaps the reason why he does not give any importance to major environmental issues the world is facing. Worst is he appears to be sabotaging it on purpose. And as a highly progressive country, America contributes greatly to the abuse and misuse of the world’s resources. Meanwhile, struggling and impoverished nation suffer from the wrath of Mother Nature while bigger and more powerful nations like ours have total disregard of the sensitive state of the environment.

But amidst the cacophony, Donald Trump has had quieter personal successes, particularly with his international and environmental agendas.

On the environment, he has paved the way for climate deniers and science skeptics to hijack the Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA, and use bureaucracy as a political tool for censorship and deregulation. (The climate change EPA web page is still unavailable.) He has led millions of Americans to doubt the basic concepts of truth, facts, evidence and science. He has dismantled America’s global climate change agenda by taking steps to formally withdraw from the Paris climate agreement. National Geographic keeps a running list of environmental assaults committed by the Trump administration as a way of monitoring the national government’s anti-science crusade.


Many may actually persecute President Trump and laugh at his apparent failure in revamping the federal healthcare system by abolishing Obamacare but it seems he has his little successes that he is silently celebrating for and clearly the environment is one of the major victims here. The sad truth here is that we will eventually suffer from all these neglect because this is the only planet we live in and whatever the state of the planet will become is because of our actions today. Considering how big of a country the US is, it is easy to visualize its impact to the planet at large if it continues to violate nature and continue to ignore the relationship between irresponsible human actions to the pathetic state of the planet right now. Knowing the environmental policies being pushed for by the US right now, it is up to you to decide whether or not it is pro or anti-environment after all.