Corruption Is The Leech That Kills Societies

Greed is so powerful it can make people forget about their sense of humanity more often than not. Many times we only think of ourselves, which is actually not a bad thing but problems arise once you start trampling on the rights of others as you protect your own. And corruption is a fine example of how greed gets the best of a person. You don’t have to go far to see corruption at work. Just look at the government and see public officials from the lowest to the highest position making the most of their positions for their benefit and not of the people.

It is a sad reality that governments in most societies are riddled with corruption and it affects the delivery of basic services. The people suffer the most when their government leaders only preoccupy themselves on getting rich and not in really extending public service to the people who need help the most. Conflict and political unrest are not uncommon in such societies because people won’t just keep their mouths shut when they see their leaders not doing their job right.

The mother was reportedly told that the surgery was necessary and that it would be “a walk in the park.” However, her daughter sadly died due to surgery complications.

It was revealed that the hospital has financial incentives for performing certain types of surgeries – like open-heart surgery on children – so they push for the operations despite being told by experts that the surgeries are not in the best interest of the patients.

“I just watched this video from Represent.Us,” Jennifer wrote. “It’s incredible and horrifying. And it got me thinking: corruption affects all of us, but so many people don’t recognize it. We need to tell each other our stories. We need to show that everyone – our neighbors, our families, our community leaders – everyone we know is touched by corruption. I want to hear your story. How does corruption affect you? #WeDemandBetter Represent.Us/WDB.”


These corrupt government officials often ignore the needs of their people just to make more money from the people’s taxes and improve their personal lives. Some do it discreetly while others are so blatant in stealing money from the people.

Corruption eradication programmes need crusaders. A media organisation has the set-up and platform to do that.

People matter in fighting corruption. People Power is critical.

Nothing excites people more than news of high-profile individuals being investigated or charged for alleged corrupt practices. But screaming headlines won’t last.

Hauling them to court is one thing but for every suspect charged, there are many more who get away with murder, so to speak.

The law is not perfect. The system has loopholes.

It is not easy to prove one is corrupt. Many get away scot-free and live happily ever after with their ill-gotten gains.

That is why understanding the scourge is important for people. Creating awareness is key.

Corruption is not to be tolerated. The late Prof Syed Hussein Alatas, who wrote many books and essays on corruption, likened corruption to a disease than can sweep through a society like a tidal wave, leaving in its wake “a trail of negligence, lethargy, inefficiency and callous regard of man’s inhumanity to man”.

According to him, corruption is “victimising innocent people”.


The money these corrupt leaders steal can make a big difference to the lives of their constituents and the future of their country. Progressive nations make it a point to take care of their people but you’ll see millions of people living in poverty in countries ruled by corrupt leaders. They live in makeshift shanties on the side of the road, under the bridge, or any vacant lots where they can find shelter for a short while or for the long term. They aren’t protected from the elements and they often live for days without eating. If the government’s resources are used properly, they shouldn’t worry about food and shelter at the very least.

Fortunately, it has become easier now to speak up against corruption and even public shame corrupt officials with the help of social media. One powerful post can touch people’s emotions and make your post go viral in an instant. While we often don’t have that much power to oust a public official from public office, raising awareness about their crimes can empower people and help them vote for the right person come next election. You’d seldom come across honorable leaders nowadays. Make sure to take voting seriously so that the right people are put into office and put a stop to corruption once and for all.