Black Friday Today: A Shadow Of What It Once Was

When it comes to shopping, people make a big fuss of Black Friday and highlighting how it happens to be the biggest sale of the year – a perfect excuse to go on an all-out shopping spree where you can find the best deals on great products and possibly even complete your Christmas list ahead of time. Well, it may be true in the past and people really fall in long lines just to get in a store and shop like there’s no tomorrow but it seems like it is no longer the case now. If you check out the following articles, you’d realize that yes, some people have a point in saying this because apparently, the hype over Black Friday makes not that much sense anymore.

So, is it still right to hype up Black Friday when you learn that you only get to enjoy a few buck’s savings or that bigger discounted items like home appliances can also be bought online? It is already the case with big retailers like Walmart and Target and many people head to these places for amazing deals. Why then spend hours in line when you can easily make your purchase through the web from the comfort of your own home and spare yourself from the inconvenience brought about by shopping with big crowds. Even small specialty online only retailers are getting in on the action. Yet if you are someone who is trying to complete her Christmas list, any deal will do especially that this is probably your last chance of buying something at a discount.

There are thousands of so-called deals offered by major retailers for the shopping holiday that is Black Friday. Not all offer much of a steal. 

Many are in the $10-$20 off category, or closeouts on older merchandise. But if you’re keen on substantial discounts for the iPhone or Samsung Galaxy smartphones, video-game consoles from Microsoft and Sony, a 50-inch 4K TV set or connected speakers from Amazon and Google, get your wallets ready. 

The big box retailers, Target, Walmart and Best Buy, have revealed their “doorbuster,” promotions, designed to get massive crowds in the stores and online Thanksgiving evening and Friday, in pursuit of the handful of items offered at the lower prices. But unlike years past, many of the offers are available online as well, before the physical stores open. 


Like with everything else in life, it is advisable to do your research first before heading out on any shopping spree. Make a list of the people you are giving gifts to. Find out what they like. Determine a set budget so you don’t go overboard and overspend, especially on iffy products such as those mentioned here. Then, check out what are the nearest physical stores in your area and when are their sale schedules. Also, go online because there are many online retail shops like Amazon and Target that is a haven for shoppers whether it is Black Friday or not and are also the best place if you are shopping on a budget.

Black Friday is the most famous shopping day of the year. Millions of of bargain-hungry shoppers flock to the stores to cash in on big sales.

But the best deals aren’t only found on the infamous Friday after Thanksgiving. In fact, when it comes to scoring deals, “technically, as a single day, Thanksgiving is better than Black Friday,” says Lindsay Sakraida, the director of content marketing for Dealnews, a comparison shopping website.

“Black Friday is still very strong,” she tells CNBC Make It, “but a lot of the big deals are going to go live on Thanksgiving Day.” The holiday is, “unfortunately, the better of the two days.”


It’s probably because it’s been the practice and people focus on it too much that they miss out on an equally or perhaps even better details during Thanksgiving because they were preparing their wallets for Black Friday but some consumer experts argue that things have changed and as businesses want to get ahead of others, great deals are offered much earlier than the renowned major shopping event of the year. Regardless of how well these events fare against one another, there’s only one winner: the shoppers. You have more days now to shop for amazing great deals and you still have more time left to finish the rest of your Christmas list. That’s the only news that matters to shoppers who are tight on the budget and want diversity in their gift choices and the most convenient way to shop.