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What Sports Fans Should Know About Etiquette

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There will always be fans no matter what field or industry. Some are just casual onlookers but there will always be die-hard supporters who will go to extreme lengths to show their undying love, support, and admiration to their idols. The sporting world is no exception. In major sporting events the world over, you can see fans going all-out and making a fool of themselves to show the athletes and even the entire world how much they mean to them. Sometimes it is amusing but there are times many fans go overboard and borders to the annoying and disturbing. If you are a fan yourself, you probably are aware of these things too and are probably of doing something crazy now and then especially when it involves the team you are supporting.

While you are free to do as you please when it comes to supporting your team, there is a certain decorum expected from fans especially when in a public event alongside hundreds to thousands of other spectators. We get it, you love your team but please spare others from seeing you make a fool of yourself. You can fangirl or fanboy all you want and nobody is stopping you but please try to act more civil and not make it awkward for those around you. Heed the following tips to help you unleash the ultimate fan part of you without regretting the things you did after. And you don’t need to do much to stay in your line, just a little common sense will do. Actually, doing less is the key here. Remember, the more you talk, the more mistakes. It is within that line of reasoning.

Trash talk is an entrenched and acceptable part of the sports world. Franchise rivalries will always exist and add layers of competitive drama. Athletes and fans alike trash talk to show passion for their team and challenge their opposition to bring their best effort. It can motivate players and keeps fans on the edges of their seats.

However, trash talk sours when a specific person or demographic is targeted. Most fans are likely familiar with phrases like ‘Pittsburgh Penguins fans are arrogant’ or ‘Golden State Warriors fans are all bandwagoners.’ Heated arguments often arise about team allegiances between fan bases and involve cheap insults about a stranger’s character. This is especially damaging when socioethnic status, gender, age or sexuality are attacked.

Generalizing and aggravating remarks are a waste of time and limit the enjoyment of sports to a specific crowd. Petty bullying is unnecessary and trash talk should be balanced with sportsmanship that keeping intense rivalries grounded and respectful. A truly meaningful rivalry is distinguished by players and fans who can put aside tense emotions to say, “Good game.”


Since sports events are often held in large stadiums or arenas, you’ll definitely find yourself in a big crowd especially if the team playing is rather popular. As much as possible, avoid alcohol intake prior or during the event. Alcohol can mess with your brain. Everybody knows that. And when you are drunk or under the influence of liquor, you do all sorts of crazy things and that may lead you into trouble. You’re not thinking clearly and you can easily get into arguments and get into a fight without you really knowing what is happening. Cheer on for your team and go home happy win or lose not broken and beat.

Highlight Your Manners

Be aware of your surroundings. If everyone is sitting, refrain from standing up in front of them. Keep in mind, however, most people stand up during a nail-biting game and you may want to do the same. You are not at a theatre performance.

Be a Gracious Loser

People may travel to the game to root for the opposing team. Your conduct is a reflection of those you support. You can tell a lot about a person by the way they handle defeat. It may be all in good fun to tease and cajole but it’s easy to step over the line. Win with humility and lose with class.


These tips apply whatever sports it is you are a fan of especially if you are attending live games. Just remember the very reason why you are there, to watch your favorite team play. And if fate and luck is in your favor, they may even win. As long as you are on your best behavior, attending a live sport event may be one of the best experiences you can ever have. It can also keep you out of trouble especially now that most public places exercise more stringent security measures because of the continued threat of terrorism. When you think about it, watching a game live is just like watching a movie, only in broad daylight and the action is unscripted. The way you watch your manners inside the cinema is something you can also do when you support your favorite sports team although with a little bit spice and flair.