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Alexa Has Become Music-Savvy

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Music has brought happiness and so much peace to a lot of people all over the world. Where spoken words have failed, music has enabled people to understand and bond with one another despite the language barrier. It has played a big role in the lives of many and became the soundtrack of their lives at some point in time. Technology may be the main dish in our life right now but music will never disappear in the background. The nice thing about this is the fact that modern life and music has fused together and we can enjoy the best of both worlds without having to give up the other. You probably do it yourself every day. You listen to music on your smart device with an earphone or headset in place. There’s an even better breakthrough with the way Alexa can now answer your questions pertaining to music.

The wonders of technology will continue to amaze you, for sure. Things just get better and better with the passing of time as the hardware needed to support deep learning is made more readily available to the public. I’m sure you’ve heard about apps like Shazam that tells you the title of a song you’re not familiar with but wouldn’t it be better for something like Alexa to have this same interactive feature but provide a more satisfying response to your musically-related questions and more. Aside from answering back to people, Alexa can take note of your music preferences so you don’t have to constantly repeat yourself or keep on searching for music you like or creating libraries when your digital personal assistant can do it for you.

Sometimes you want to listen to a certain song but you can’t quite remember what it’s called. Other times you might just want to listen to some of your favorites that you haven’t heard in a while. Now, Alexa can find those tunes for you. While listening to Amazon Music, you can now ask Alexa in very general terms to find music you listened to earlier or play something you haven’t heard recently. You can do so with specific artists by saying, for example, “Alexa, play that Kendrick Lamar song I was listening to yesterday,” or, “Alexa, play Rihanna songs I haven’t heard in a while.” You can also ask for genres, but you can get even more general than that by asking Alexa to just play something you haven’t heard lately.


Modern living is about living in utter convenience. With devices like Alexa at your beck and call, you no longer have to do things manually and you can save your time and effort for more worthwhile tasks. They may be simple tasks that an equally simple AI robot can do but they are the beginning of something even far greater that will definitely be our norm in the coming years. As of now, thousands, if not millions, are already using Alexa and as it continues to roll out more handy features that the public will like especially individuals who see music as life.

Amazon’s been rolling out a series of incremental but still useful Alexa features over the past several months, particularly around Amazon Music — the service Amazon would love for you to use as the default on your Echo devices. Today’s update includes a couple new features that let users request music using more natural or vague language.

People will now be able to ask Alexa for music tracks or playlists based on time passed, like “Play that playlist I played last Sunday,” or “Play that workout music I listened to three weeks ago,” or “Play something I haven’t heard in awhile.” The same applies to genres and artists; you can request a song by an artist that you listened to “recently,” or a music mood you’ve been into lately, even if you don’t know the specific titles.


Amazon has learned the ropes and realized that by integrating various aspects of human nature and on responding to what interests people the most then integrating it to current tech advancements launched and sold in the market today. We can’t let music disappear in our lives as it is responsible for keeping the balance, and in essentially keeping all of us sane when we are already facing too much in life. Groove to life’s music and take advantage of what Alexa has to offer so your life remains as vibrant as the beat of the music you like to listen to or as calm as the soothing notes you listen to once in a while.